Cooperation with Hanipol

A. ordering products

A1. Preparation of the order by the customer
1.1 Orders placed with the help of this portal have priority in the preparation in the warehouse, and thus are delivered to the customer faster.
1.2 The order sent by you is taken over by your caretaker and sent to the warehouse.
1.3 The comments you write down in the comments are carefully read and if the order requires it, the guardian will contact you and agree on the details.

A2. Preparation of products in stock
2.1 The order is taken over by the warehouse who prepares the products, packs them in cardboard boxes and adjusts them to the appropriate form of shipment (full truck loads, pallets or individual cardboard boxes)
2.2 Shipments are weighed, measured and the data is transferred to a guardian who writes this information on the documents.
2.3 Depending on the situation: whether Hanipol orders the shipment or the customer arranges transport, data about the cargo is transferred to the customer or the forwarder

A3. Sales documents
3.1 On the basis of the products prepared in the warehouse, the keeper issues an appropriate document. Receipt, invoice or export documents
3.2 Documents are sent to the client.

A4. Payment
4.1 If the customer does not have an open credit line, payment will be made. Payment can be made
-> upon receipt of goods in cash, by payment card
-> by bank transfers

PLN: PL 42 2490 0005 0000 4000 6611 4291
EURO: PL 38 2490 0005 0000 4000 7656 6986
USD: PL 60 2490 0005 0000 4000 3152 1633
GBP: PL 86 2490 0005 0000 4600 2378 7352

Bank data:
Arkadiusz Hanik, Sosnowiec, Szymanowskiego 9a
Alior Bank S.A., ul. Łopuszańska 38d, 02-232 Warsaw.

4.2 payments are also available:
Revolut (no additional fees)
PayPal Euro: (transfers fees of 2 to 5% are lower)
PayPal USD, PLN (fees for transfers are lower in the amount of 2 to 5%)

A5. Shipping
5.1 Documents and prepared products are ready to be picked up by the buyer or the forwarder

B. Sales Assistance

B1. Contact with Hanipol
1. 1 Our clients are never left alone, they can always count on help
after logging in in the right part of the portal, there is always a contact to your guardian, phone number, email, whatsapp
you can also use the hut, On the other side there are really professional people who will help in any situation
we also cordially invite you to the showroom in Warsaw, Stasinek 1 street; Sosnowiec 9b Szymanowskiego Street

B2. advertisement
2.1 We provide you with ready-made offers in the form of files (e-mailing offers without logo, without prices) that you can send to your customers via e-mailing (news-letters).
Each advertising e-mail that you receive and sent by our sales department is available for download, without our company stamps and prices. You just need to download the file and send it to your customers.
We recommend creating your own offers using our portal.
After logging in to you can create your own offers with photos and, most importantly, your prices.
After entering a few questions into the search engine (you can ask about the mugs only, you can select only the subject of painting, or you can limit them in price. Queries can be combined by asking for several fields at the same time.
The resulting file may or may not contain prices. Prices can be increased by your markup. Offers can be generated at net and bruuto- prices of your choice.
Your client will get an offer at prices at which you are able to offer him.

B3. Databases with data
3.1 For download and implementation in its online store, Hanipol provides a full product database in XML, MDB and XLS formats. All of them are updated daily.
These files contain a complete set of information about products, including:
- product code
- Product name
- product dimensions
- the number of available items in stock
- basic wholesale selling price
- suggested retail price
- link to the product photo