Privacy Policy English

Section 1. General provisions

  1. The Data Administrator:
    Hanipol F.H. Arkadiusz Hanik
    Szymanowskiego 9b
    41-219 Sosnowiec
    Tax ID: 644-051-10-67
  2. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the generally applicable provisions of law, and their storage takes place on secure servers.
  3. For the purposes of better acceptance of the Privacy Policy, the term “User” has been replaced with the term “You” and “Administrator” with the term – “We”.
  4. The term “GDPR” refers to General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 established on 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC .
  5. Personal data provided in contact forms are treated as confidential and remain invisible to unauthorized persons.


Section 2. Data Administrator

  1. The Service Provider is the Administrator of his Clients’ Data. We process your following data: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address data.
  2. Personal data is processed:
    1. in compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data;
    2. in accordance with the implemented Privacy Policy;
    3. to the extent and for the purpose necessary to establish, shape the content of the Agreement, change or to terminate it, and properly implement the Services, sell the Products electronically;
    4. to the extent and purpose necessary to fulfill legitimate interests (legitimate purposes), and the processing does not violate the rights and freedoms of the data subject: to the extent and purpose consistent with your consent if you sent a message via the contact form;
  3. Every data subject (if we are their Data Administrator) has the right to access data, rectify, delete or limit processing, the right to object, the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body.
  4. Contact with the person supervising the processing of personal data in the organization of the Service Provider is possible electronically at the e-mail address given in point 1.1 of this Privacy Policy.
  5. We reserve the right to process your data after termination of the Agreement or withdrawal of consent only to the extent of the need to seek possible claims before the court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige us to retain data.
  6. The Service Provider has the right to share personal data of the User and his other data with entities authorized under the applicable law (eg law enforcement authorities).
  7. The deletion of personal data may take place as a result of the withdrawal of consent or filing a legally admissible objection to the processing of personal data.
  8. The Service Provider does not share personal data with other entities than authorized on the basis of applicable law.
  9. Personal data is processed only by persons authorized by us or by the processor, with whom we work closely and who, just like us, comply with the regulations and personal data protection requirements.


3. Cookies

  1. The Website uses Cookies. These are small text files sent by the web server and stored by the browser software. When the browser reconnects with the site, the site recognizes the type of device the user connects to. Parameters allow to read information contained in them only to the server that created them. Cookies therefore make it easier to use previously visited websites.
  2. The information collected relates to the IP address, type of browser used, language, type of operating system, Internet service provider, time and date information, location and information sent to the website via the contact form.
  3. The collected data is used to monitor and verify how users use our websites to improve the functioning of the website, providing more effective and problem-free navigation. We monitor user information using the Google Analytics tool that records the behavior of users on the site. Cookies identify the user, thanks to which the content of the website he uses is adapted to the user’s needs. Thanks to remembering his preferences, appropriate adjustments of advertising and marketing messages addressed to him are made possible. We use Cookies to guarantee a high level of convenience of our website, and the collected data is used only within the company to optimize activities.
  4. Our website uses the following types of Cookies:
    1. “necessary” Cookies, enabling the use of services available as part of the website, e.g. authentication of Cookies used for services requiring authentication within the website;
    2. Cookies used to ensure security, e.g. used to detect fraud in the field of authentication within the website;
    3. “performance” Cookie files, enabling the collection of information on the use of website pages;
    4. “functional” Cookie files, allowing “remembering” the settings selected by the user and personalizing the user interface, eg in terms of the language or region of the user’s origin, size of the font, appearance of the website, etc .;
    5. “advertising” Cookies that enable providing users with advertising content more tailored to their interests (remarketing in search engines, the Google Display Network (GDN), remarketing with use, pixel technology on Facebook codes, other advertising networks).
  5. The User may at any time disable or restore the option of collecting Cookie files by changing the settings in the web browser. The instructions for managing cookies are available at:
  6. More about Cookie files you can read here:


4. Disclaimer

  1. The website administrator does not take any responsibility for the advertised ads. The buyer should be careful when answering the ad or sending money. Admittedly, we attach great importance to the fact that advertisers who publish their ads here are credible, but we can not be responsible for their actions. Address data as well as the details of each advertiser’s offer can be considered reliable only at the time of publication.
  2. The Publisher is not liable for any damages incurred during the use of the website, nor the consequences thereof. The website may contain links to other websites. The publisher is not responsible for the functioning of these pages and the content contained therein.


5. Copyright

  1. It is forbidden to copy and distribute the website in whole or in part without prior approval. This does not apply to the temporary multiplication of the website content in the computer’s operating memory. The copyrights to the website or its individual elements and the rights to trademarks are reserved for the publisher of the website or other entities. Elements whose Publisher is not the author have been published on the basis of the license granted. The publisher declares that graphic materials and animations promoting individual materials come from producers or entities cooperating with them. Violation of intellectual property rights results in civil or criminal liability.

Your personal data will be processed in order to respond to the message you have sent.

See our privacy policy.


What are cookies (cookies)?
A cookie is an alphanumeric (text) file that is saved and stored on your computer when you visit our site (or updated – for return visits / next).

How do we use cookies on our site?
We do not collect or process any information allowing the direct identification of personal data. Cookies are used on our website for statistical purposes (for statistics on visits to our site) and to ensure proper operation of the service and provide more relevant content.

Can I disable cookies?
Yes, you can do so at any time by changing the settings of your web browser in the use of Cookies.


How to disable cookies in different browsers:

Google Chrome
You have to click on the menu (in the upper right corner), the Settings tab> Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section you need to click the Content settings button. In the “Cookies” you can change the following cookies settings:

  • Delete cookies
  • Block cookies by default
  • Default allow cookies
  • Default Keep cookies and site data to the browser is closed
  • Make exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains

Internet Explorer
From the browser menu (top right): Tools> Internet Options> Privacy, click Sites. Slider to set the level, changing the OK key.

Mozilla Firefox
From the browser menu: Tools> Options> Privacy. Activate the box Firefox: “Use custom settings”.
About cookies (cookies) determines the selection – or not – Accept cookies.

From the browser menu: Tools> Preferences> Advanced.
Select to agree or disable cookies.

In the Safari drop-down menu you have to choose preferences and click the Security icon. Here are selected level of security in the area “Accept Cookies”.
Disabling or blocking use of cookies may cause a malfunction of our site. If your browser accepts Cookies support, it means you agree to the use of cookies on our site.