Design Studio CARMANI

The Carmani design studio, thanks to the experience of designers supported by directional, artistic education, many years of professional practice and numerous training courses, creates unique collections. Thanks to high skills, rich background of the most modern computer software and extensive cooperation with other industries, it guarantees speed and full professionalism in the implementation of orders. The greatest advantages are great creativity, a sense of aesthetics and having a vision to create tomorrow's products.


We take care of the entire product design process, from the initial concepts to the finished, beautifully packaged product. In particular, we specialize in the design of porcelain, ceramic and glass decals, packaging and advertising materials supporting sales. We approach each, even an easy-to-implement project, individually. We select the appropriate production techniques, materials and raw materials, guaranteeing the high quality of our products. As part of the cooperation, our client receives prototypes on the basis of which he submits his order and only then we order production in the best factories in the world. In the next stage of cooperation, we are responsible for the product from the moment the order is placed until the product is delivered to the customer's door. Quick project implementation, quality guaranteed by experience allows you to achieve full customer satisfaction.


We follow changes in the giftware, interior decoration and advertising industries and we react to global trends on an ongoing basis. Additionally, our company cooperates with numerous artists, such as Alex Levin, Pierre Dissard, Thomas Lange, Bob Langrish. We also use licenses purchased on the following platforms: shutterstock, pl123RF,, kimballstock, depositphoto, fotolia. We design and implement products for the Carmani brand on a large scale based on open licenses of the most famous works of art. We create the collection of Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Leonardo da Vinci, William Morris, Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, Wassily Kandinsky, Claude Monet and other impressionists.


Carmani's design studio does not treat orders in a conventional way. Each project is a challenge and the beginning of a search for a new form. The priority is the needs of the client, for whom the design process is individually developed. Our clients succeed thanks to the best tools and methods.

The design studio is not limited to one style, but can adapt to individual expectations. When designing, he combines traditional methods with modern computer technology. He carefully tracks the market, thanks to which he is aware of the prevailing and upcoming trends. Designs affect the way the world looks. We place particular emphasis on quality and originality. Carmani is a strong brand on the market, and the individualism of the projects guarantees their uniqueness and originality. Our design studio offers a wide range of services in the field of product design and corporate identity elements, including advertising mugs.